This label is based on the OLED technology. The difference is that the battery is replaced by solar cells. Due to the solar cells, the label will make its own energy. The produced energy will be used to create special effects like moving images and light effects. An industrial designer named Meidad Marzan designed something alike: a concept device called the UrbanTile. This device harness the solar energy that city buildings absorb during the day. At night they show visual effects. The UrbanTile is a small solar panel. It can be flipped to reveal a light emitting screen. It is banded together into rows so the panels become a window blind that forms a light and entertainment display (Hondrogiannis, 2011).

How will we integrate the OLED technology in this label? Well, the electronic components can be printed using continuous inkjet. We can combine this with paper labels: by making a cut-out, it is possible to display the OLED. Because OLEDs are so thin, it is possible to manufacture them in different shapes so we can put them on irregularly-shaped products (Lyteus, n.d.).
The idea of this label is that this label gets a second life. The label can be easily removed from the product and can be used on another object. An example: a perfume brand launches a Valentine campaign with a limited edition packaging. They make a label out of two halves of a heart. The two halves will show a visual effect.

As brand you can use this label in a marketing campaign. You can encourage your customers to be creative with the labels and organize competitions.
This label can be used on different product categories but will be used by brands that offers luxury products. The value of this product is that it gives a product an upgrade, it encourage your customers to be creative, it is recyclable and the product gets a second life (Karl Knauer, n.d).

Categories: ecological and technological
Used technologies: Digital printing technology.

– Mei 2019 –

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