About me


I’m a twenty-two-year-old creative with a strong interest in photography, web design and storytelling. You can recognise me by my bangs, ambitions and my desire to leave a positive impact on this world.

Your all-around creative

I’m multi-disciplinary: design-thinking, content creation, and storytelling are my strongest skills. I can create websites, media campaigns, and be an in-house photographer. In short, I’m an all-around creative. Furthermore, I’m fascinated by new technologies and sustainable business solutions.


For many years, I have been passionate about photography. Conceptual, products or portraits, I can do it all!


Webdesign, logo design, social media campaigns or conceptual designing? Love it!


Relaxing stories or copywriting? No problem!

Vraag steeds toestemming bij het gebruik van mijn beeldmateriaal en tekst.